I am the Editor in Chief of Hard Drive, the video game section of punk satire website The Hard Times! I helped launch the vertical in in June 2017. Now, our section gets over 1,000,000 unique pageviews a month.

We publish at one to four articles a day on Hard Drive and I edit every single one as well as create every graphic. 


The Hard Times and Hard Drive have been written about in  Los Angeles Times, Billboard,  Forbes, The Washington Post and a bunch of others. 

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We're also running for president!


I am the co-creator and campaign manager for Ace Watkins, the only Gamer running for President of the United States.  

The account quickly gained over 180,000 followers and was covered all over the web, including by Newsweek, Paste Magazine, and The Daily Dot.

I am the head writer on the following Ace Watkins content:

I also have a Hard Drive podcast!

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I co-host a podcast for Hard Drive where Mark Roebuck and I watch and discuss every episode of 1989's The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! starring Captain Lou Albano.

Guests include Matthew Mercer, Mike Drucker, Ashley Oh, Woolie Madden, The Completionist, and more. We even interviewed John Stocker, the original voice actor of Toad.

Check us out on Twitter.

Everything on this site was drawn by Jeremy and he's quite proud of it.