I'm obsessed with Lizard People!

There's a really crazy conspiracy theory that our planet is secretly being controlled by a group of shape-shifting reptilian aliens called "Lizard People".

About 12 million Americans believe in this conspiracy theory.  I think it's the funniest thing in the world.

So in 2014, I created a parody of Humans of New York called Lizard People of New York on Facebook.  

I take photos from HONY and rewrite the captions as if the people saying them were Lizard People. The page now has over 200,000 followers.

This is a tee shirt design that a fan made for me.

Lizard People Meet

In 2015, I made a fake dating website for Lizard People called LizardPeopleMeet.com.  Even though, it's not functional people "sign up" for it all the time and I get their weird emails daily.

Lizard People Live!

The third Saturday of every month, I host a live comedy show in NYC with my good friends Mike Amory and Liam O'Malley called Lizard People Live! It's really fun and features lots of really hilarious comedians each month.  

Truth Bang

In February of 2017, I teamed up with the editorial staff of The Hard Times to launch a satirical alt right website called Truth Bang. I am the Editor in Chief and we publish five articles a week with the help of managing editor Mike Amory and a great team of writers. Truth Bang is now, unfortunately, defunct.

Below are some of the articles published by the fictional author of TruthBang.net, Ben Brown:

Everything on this site was drawn by Jeremy and he's quite proud of it.