jeremy kaplowitz

Jeremy Kaplowitz is a comedian and writer living in New York City (a.k.a. The Big Apple).

He is the Co-Creator and Editor-in-Chief of video game satire site Hard Drive. You can read all 300+ articles he has written for Hard Drive here. He was also the guy behind Lizard People of New York and is the co-creator of Ace Watkins, the only Gamer running for President.

One time Jeremy did stand-up as "1990s Jerry Seinfeld Doing Bits About His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend" and a million people saw it! Even Jerry saw the video and said he liked it, which is kinda nuts because the video is pretty mean to him!

Jeremy has also made a bunch of other cool things, like The Very Best, Truth Bang, The Hard Drive Podcast, Deep Dive in the Shallow End, Bear Squad, and more. He is too lazy to update this website with whatever goofy project he has going on right now, so if you wanna keep up with that, you should probably just follow him on Twitter.

In fact, here are all of Jeremy's social media pages:

twitter 2.png

Jeremy drew all of these himself, so please don't be mean.

I think Jeremy's pretty cool and funny, but don't take my word for it. Here's a bunch of times people have interviewed or written about Jeremy.

OK you know what? I'm willing to admit it. It's me, Jeremy.
I wrote up all this crap. Ugh. OK thanks for reading!